What Are PVC Soffit Boards?

The soffit board is part of your roof that is underneath the fascia board and secures both fascia and soffit to the external wall. These soffit boards are the part of your roofline that can be seen from the street. 

Soffits are a crucial part of your roofline integrity and nowadays often come in a durable uPVC. Our PVC soffits intend to improve the ventilation, preventing the build-up of moisture. That helps to circulate the airflow and maintain the integrity of your home.

A PVC soffit is the most suitable way to protect the bottom edge of your roof tiles. It will help improve the ventilation of the roof and give your projects that professional finish.

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Ventilation soffit boards are the best way to maximise airflow in your roof. The perfectly designed vent gaps draw in the air to ensure that your roof doesn’t hold damp. Plus, these PVC soffit boards are durable and can withstand the harsh British weather.

vented soffit


Hollow soffits are an attractive choice to give your home a stylish appearance. These PVC soffits fit together effortlessly and stand up to the elements all year round. Plus, the hollow inner panel can be adapted to include added ventilation and are perfect for a quick and easy installation.

hollow roof soffits


We have a range of roofline accessories and joints that are perfect to complete your home projects. We have corner joints, fixings and much more.

Plus, all of our joints can be colour matched to your PVC soffit board, so you know that you are getting a professional product that is suited to your home.