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Guttering Supplies

Diamond Shield Plastic Trade Supplies offer a selection of guttering and rainwater systems, from the branded Freeflow® range. We offer a variety of innovative, high-quality plastic gutters, brackets and complete rainwater systems. All our gutters and rainwater systems deal with all of your plastic gutter supplies. Furthermore, the Freeflow plastic range is reliable, leak-free and allows for quick installation.

Our plastic gutter range is one of the most popular guttering systems on the market. Plus, benefiting from Freefoam’s innovative solution to any problems associated with rapid heat absorption and expansion of gutters. The gutter plastic comes in a variety of styles and colours including the square line plastic gutters, ogee, half-round and deepflow gutter systems. Therefore, no matter what gutter plastic you are looking for, Diamond Shield Plastic Trade Supplies have a gutter style to suit your needs. Our guttering includes traditional colours like brown, white and black, plus the contemporary anthracite grey plastic gutter. 

We also stock and supply a large number of gutter fixings and gutter supplies. The plastic products include gutter brackets, clips, fixings, joints, and gutter adaptors, plus much more guttering supplies.

Deepflow Gutter Suppliers

Our deepflow gutters range includes a deep round style gutter with a complete range of matching fittings to ensure a water-tight professional installation. Furthermore, our guttering supplies are offered in a variety of colours, including white, black and brown. Square or round pipe guttering supplies can accommodate the deep gutter replacement.

Freeflow Round Running Outlet
trade guttering

Half Round Gutter

The half-round gutter pipe system includes a traditional round downpipe using complete toe matched fittings which provide an effective water-tight professional installation. All half-round gutter replacement parts come in a selection of colours, like the popular white, trending black and brown, plus the modern grey.

Freeflow Round 112' Offset Bend

Square Guttering

The square guttering replacement consists of a square downpipe with a unique range of matching fittings to ensure a water-tight professional installation and optimal performance during adverse weather conditions. Plus, our square guttering comes in a range of colours, giving your home a beautiful aesthetic.

Freeflow Square Access Pipe
Freeflow Square 150' Gutter Angle

Ogee Guttering Systems

Our ogee gutter replacement includes a traditional S curved style. The ogee plastic gutter is available in many sizes and colours, including white, black, brown and caramel. The ogee gutter supplies come in both square and round pipe systems attached to them.

If you have any questions about our gutter replacement, call our team on 01744 758 881. A member of our trade supplies team will be able to help.

Freeflow 150' Ogee Gutter Angle

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