Square Guttering

Square Guttering

Diamond Shield Trade Supplies offers a variety of square guttering. Moreover, this is from one of the UK’s leading manufactures of Rainwater system products.

We offer the quality Freeflow® square guttering system with a manufacturer 10-year colour guarantee. Furthermore, all our square gutters come in a variety of colours, including contemporary grey, traditional black or brown and versatile white. Moreover, we know the square gutter system has grown in popularity recently. One of the benefits of the square gutters is the slightly greater flow rate as opposed to the half-round gutter. Plus the square system fits with both square and round gutter downpipes.

Square Gutter capacity varies, but it can be nearly up to double the flow rate of the half-round gutter system. Plus square line gutter supplies are easy to install and offer durability.

However, one thing to bear in mind with square gutters is that they are not guttering that is compatible or interchangeable. Moreover, to ensure the compatibility of our round gutter system, call the team on 01744 758 881 today.


Square Gutter Benefits:

  • Higher flow capacity
  • Choice of modern and traditional colours
  • Contemporary rectangular appearance
  • Efficient clipping system, for easy installation
  • Versatile plastic systems with an extensive range of adaptors
  • Cost-effective guttering range

Until recently if you needed deep gutters, you could only choose the half-round or semi-elliptical gutters. However, the square gutter system now provides an alternative option. Square gutter supplies perfectly accommodated modern buildings and traditional buildings too. Moreover, the square-line system has an easy-clip design with rounded ends for quick and simple installation. Top-hung fascia brackets are available to give a smoother look to your roofline. Furthermore, square-line guttering is guaranteed for durability and colour-fastness.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our square line gutter system, call 01744 758 881 or complete the online inquiry form here.

Freeflow Square Mini Offset
Freeflow Square Running Outlet
Freeflow Square 90' Gutter Angle
Freeflow Square Pipe Clip Flush

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We also offer various tools for the trade and accessories to make sure you fit your guttering system correctly.