Hollow Roof Soffits

Hollow Roof Soffits

The hollow roof soffit board is part of your roof that is underneath the fascia board and joins both fascia and soffit to the exterior wall. These roof soffits are the part of your roofline that you can see from the street. Plus, these hollow soffits are a stylish option that gives your home a modern appeal.

Soffits are a vital part of your roofline integrity and nowadays usually come in a tough uPVC. Our PVC hollow roof soffit intends to increase the ventilation of your roof, and add an attractive appearance. Therefore, serving to circulate the airflow and maintain the integrity of your rooftop.

hollow roof soffits

Inquire About Our Hollow Soffits

We have a range of hollow roof soffits in a variety of colours perfect for your projects.

DSW Soffit

Durable Soffits

A roof soffit is the most reliable way to preserve the bottom edge of your roof. It will help enhance the airflow of the roof and give your projects that professional finish.

Hollow soffits are a crucial part of keeping your roofline aerated. The unrelenting British weather is always changing, so your roof is having to deal with torrential rain one day and blistering sun the day after. That is why our roof soffits are enduring and low-maintenance. Therefore, protecting your home from the weather.

The roof soffits draw air into your roof to prevent moisture accumulation around your roof tiles and beams. That is a necessary part of an efficient roofline and helps reduce the chances of ice dams.

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If you are interested in any of our hollow roof soffit boards, get in touch with our team. We can answer any enquiries you may have and help with a range of trade enquiries. 

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