Roofline – Complete replacements

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All our products are high quality, long lasting, low maintenance PVC-U and PVC-UE building products. From fascias, soffits, gutters and cladding we have everything you need.

Roofline fascia
A wide range of profile types to meet a variety of specification and market demands available with matching corners, joiners and end caps for the complete roofline system. Diamond Shield Windows also offers a selection of accessories such as decorative mouldings and finials to add that final touch of style.

Window Boards, trims and architrave
Easy to install window boards and a range of trims to give a low maintenance, long lasting stylish finish.

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Soffits and ventilation systems
A range of solid and hollow soffits, as well as pre-vented solid soffit boards to meet ventilation specification for building regulations.

• Standard continuous vent
• Disc vent
• Over fascia vent

External Cladding
Offers a protective facing, easy to maintain with thermal insulation properties. Light to handle and easy to install. The BRE ‘Green Guide to Specification’ has given PVC cladding an A+ rating when installed with standard components.

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Internal Cladding
Diamond Shield Windows’s hollow cladding for internal  applications provides a robust cost effective solution for catering, dairy, healthcare, construction and refurbishment where hygiene is essential. For use on internal walls and ceilings, Diamond Shield Windows cladding provides an extra wall of defence against damp, dust and other particles, leaks, odours and heat loss.

Diamond Shield Windows is the colour specialist. Diamond Shield Windows supply one of the most technologically advanced PVC-U and PVC-UE fascia and soffit ranges using the unique patented Colormax® technology.

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