uPVC Window Boards

What are window boards?

uPVC window board is an interior ledge at the bottom of your window, providing a horizontal platform. People sometimes refer to these as sills or ledges. However, the sill is the external board, and the window board is internal. They are an essential part of the unit and provide a horizontal ledge on the inside, perfect for placing decorations. A durable, low-maintenance uPVC window board is the most reliable way to keep your home sealed and easy to clean.

Our uPVC window boards are a tough product that requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. Plus, we can coordinate your window boards to any RAL colour, so you can be sure that you are getting a window board ideal for your project.

Choose The Right Window Board For Your Project

We have a range of window boards available for your trade projects.

What are the benefits of window boards?

uPVC boards are a necessary part of any window as they can prevent leaks at the bottom of the window. Plus, our boards come in a variety of colour choices and textures. These are perfect for completing your window units and providing a professional finish. More of our window board benefits include:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Large selection of colours
  • Fits most window styles
  • Adds luxury appearance to your internal unit

If you are interested in any of our window board styles and want to know more, get in contact with our team. Call our experts on 01744 758 881 or click here to send an online enquiry. 

20mm Cloaking Fillet Window Trim
28mm 'D' Section Window Trim

Why choose Diamond Shield Trade Supplies?

At Diamond Shield, we are specialists in supplying durable, high-quality trade plastics. We have a team of professionals that can help advise on the most suitable boards for you. Our uPVC boards are a reliable choice for your project and have a variety of design options and dimensions available. Each window board can be unique to your style and is an affordable option for both tradesmen and the general public. We are a reliable option to supply your renovations, and we can work with you to get all the results you need. Get in touch with our team to find out more.