Durable Roof Fascia PVC Board

Our roof fascia PVC board are one of the best ways to finish the look of your home. Moreover, the roof fascia connects the bottom of the roof to the soffit board. Furthermore, that can help to protect the lower edge of your roof and reduce the risk of dampness in your roofline.

At Diamond Shield Windows, we provide a range of roof fascias that can suit almost any home. Furthermore, these fascia PVC boards come in a variety of colours and styles, so you know we have the perfect roofline boarding for your requirements. Plus, our fascias are durable and low-maintenance. 

Our roof fascias are a durable PVC plastic designed to stand the test of time. Moreover, these boards are lightweight plastic that can protect the bottom edge of your roofline, making them an ideal choice for your projects.

Choose The Perfect Fascia For Your Projects

Choose from a range of durable fascias that are perfect for your trade projects.

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Benefits Of Fascia PVC Board

The roof fascia runs along the lower edge of the roof and maintains the bottom tiles. Plus, the fascia is the part of the roofline that secures the gutters and gives you the completed look to your projects. Moreover, the benefits of our fascia PVC board include:

  • Robust material
  • Maintains the lower edge of your roof
  • Ideal to replace old timber fascias
  • Carries guttering up to roofline

Ogee Roof Fascias

Ogee fascias are an attractive choice to give your home a smart appearance. Moreover, the fascia PVC board comes in 5m lengths in a variety of colours, so you can be sure that you are providing the perfect fascia for your project. 

We also have a range of connectors and accessories to finish off all of your roofline jobs. Furthermore, to find out more about our assortment of Ogee fascias and accessories, get in touch. Click here to speak to a member of our expert team.

Duo Fascia PVC Board

The duo roof fascia is an alternative to the Ogee, and these PVC boards come in a series of colours. Moreover, these are a popular option and can give your project an expert finish. Plus, the duo fascias have a rounded edge giving you a neat finish.

Ogee Door Mould

Plain PVC Fascias

Our square leg PVC board is a modern alternative to complete your project. The square appearance connects well with aluminium windows and doors and looks stylish in a variety of colours and styles. Plus, we can also provide a woodgrain texture to any of our fascia boardings. Furthermore, that gives you a more natural presentation to your project.

Why Choose Diamond Shield Windows

At Diamond Shield plastic trade supplies, we aim to provide our customers with reliable and trusted products. We have over twenty-five years of experience in the home improvements industry. Therefore, you can trust our advice and expertise when it comes to your building supplies.

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