Fortex Cladding

Fortex Cladding

Create a protective barrier for your wall with our range of Fortex cladding. Our exterior PVC cladding is a stylish option that can provide a unique aesthetic to your projects.

Fortex cladding comes in a variety of colours and design styles. Plus, each piece of exterior PVC cladding comes in five-meter lengths. We also have a series of connectors and corner joints to give you an expert finish.

Whether you are a tradesperson or a DIY fanatic, our choice of exterior panelling is an excellent choice. We supply reliable, robust exterior PVC cladding for any applications you may have.

If you want to know more about our Fortex cladding ranges, get in touch. We have got your building plastics covered. Call 01744 758 881 to find out more about our choice of products. 

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Get Fortex Cladding For Your Trade Projects

We can supply a range of cladding perfect for a range of applications. Get in touch with our team.

Benefits Of Fortex Cladding

Our exterior PVC cladding is an excellent choice to add a layer of protection to the outer wall of your home. Plus, all of our cladding comes with the benefit of being easy to maintain and can improve the thermal efficiency of your home. 

Our cladding comes in a variety of colours and has a covering of PVC that is resistant to UV. That can also prevent discolouration of your stylish cladding boards.

One of the main benefits of our exterior PVC cladding is the technical embossing process. That gives the Fortex cladding an authentic wooden texture.

A Wide Range Of Colours

Fortex have a selection of colours from Colonial Blue to Misty Grey. Our colour choices allow you to add your own style to the exterior of your home. So you can be sure that you are getting what you require for your projects.

Choosing Diamond Shield

At Diamond Shield Trade Supplies, we are experts at providing reliable, high-quality plastics available for building professionals and the general public. We are a cost-effective option for your building plastics and have a broad selection of products.

If you are interested in any of our cladding supplies, contact our team. We can help you get started with any quotes and inquiries that you may need, call 01744 758 881 to get started.