Cleaners For Your Trade Projects

No matter what your project is, cleaning can give your work a professional finish and make your products stand out from the competition. That is why we supply a range of uPVC and glass cleaner. These products are an excellent choice to remove dirt and grime from your PVC and glass.

We offer a variety of cleaners for your trade projects. Whether you are cleaning uPVC or need a cleaner for glass, our cleaners are right for you. Plus, these cleaners are an easy, cost-effective way to renew the look of windows and uPVC.

Both our glass and PVC cleaners come in 1000ml bottles, perfect for multiple uses on your trade projects.

To find out more about our PVCu cleaner and glass cleaner, give our team a call. We can help advise on the best products for each purpose and give you a price per 1000ml bottle. To get started, call 01744 758 881.

Inquire About Our Range Of Cleaners

Give your projects a professional finish with our range of uPVC and glass cleaners.

Cleaners For Glass

Our 1000ml glass cleaner is an outstanding choice to clean away any marks and dirt from your Diamond Shield double glazing. It is the ideal way to clean up after installation and give your job a professional finish that you can be proud to show off. 

The glass cleaner works effectively and removes the need for excessive force to separate dirt and grime. That will leave you with a clear, shiny window looking great with minimal effort.

Cleaners For PVCu

Our uPVC cleaner can help to eliminate grubby marks and stains from your door and window frames. They are also a great option to make your gutters and roofline look new. It breaks down grime and dirt makes cleaning uPVC an easy, cost-effective task.

Like the glass cleaners, our uPVC cleaners come in 1000ml bottles, perfect for trade projects and home cleaning.

A Reliable Choice With Diamond Shield Windows

At Diamond Shield, we have over twenty-five years of experience supplying high-quality plastics for trade supply. We have a team that can help advise you on the most suitable items for your projects.

We are a reliable option for your trade supplies, and we work closely with you to produce all the trade materials you may need. Chat to our team to find out more, call 01744 758 881 or email to get started. 

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