Bi-Folding Doors

Premium Aluminium & uPVC Bi-folding Doors
Quality, design and innovation go hand in hand

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Modern. Elegant. Secure. Thermally efficient. Effortlessly smooth. Transform your living space in seconds with our secure folding door technology.

There are so many situations in which a Bi-folding door can be a solution to improving your clients living space, this is a great reason to supply and fit our innovative Bi-folding solutions.

The products are slimline, stylish and stronger.

They feature sturdy and reliable sliding wheel mechanisms and slimline flush fitting retractable handles; features only provided with our unique Slide & Glide system.

Our range of bi-fold windows and doors enables you to expand, remake and brighten your home and living space to new depths. Gone are the days of cold spots, condensation, less energy efficient and one dimensional colour. You can choose practically any colour range from the spectrum!


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We are committed to providing you with high quality products with ease of fitting. From both our fabricated uPVC and Aluminium doors you receive labour saving best on the market doors.

Our Bi-Folding Doors can be used for larger opening areas or even from room to room. You can replace existing french and patio doors. Our Bi-folding doors have been implemented in many places within a build. Large terrace or even swimming pool enclosures.

As you can see to you left you can use the door to completely open up all sides of a conservatory build. This is a great selling point to your clients. The doors are safe and secure but can open up a living space over a huge area. This gives you the opportunity to really change the build for all situations



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Combinations and configurations for your Bi-Folding Doors




Cant find the colour or finish you are looking for?
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