Robust And Durable Aluminium Products – Innovation for your windows and doors

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Diamond Shield Trade has a complete range of aluminium folding and sliding doors options allowing you to design and create bespoke sizes. Aluminium products and Bi-folds bring together internal and external environments. Diamond Sheild Aluminium systems give you a minimalist, modern, strong product for your clients. The Aluminium system can be a much better replacement depending on what your client wants to achieve. Architects can now incorporate bi-fold doors or sliding doors that have been rigorously tested to ensure quality and functionality in most buildings.

The flexibility that these innovative systems offer in combining indoor and outdoor life enables building occupants to live their lives the way they choose. Our folding door systems combine the strength and lightweight properties of Aluminium with form and function of the highest standard. Reliability and security are key drivers in the design of any folding or sliding door system and Diamond Sheild systems have been designed, manufactured and tested to exceed standards. These innovative sliding and folding door system is certified under the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme for security.




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Manufactured using Aluminium, one of the world’s most sustainable materials, our unique windows offer elegant and narrow sight lines alongside a full range of features. Offering protection from the elements whilst opening up your home to a world of light. Wide expanses of glazing can be achieved to create a relaxed and comfortable living environment.

Give us a call or arrange an appointment to discuss our bespoke solutions in Aluminium. The right choice for you and your business.

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